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Firm Partners

Thomas Murphy

Lecturer/Consultant, Sustainability Marketing and Branding

In addition to his role as a lecturer in Branding Strategy and Sustainability Marketing at Clark University and Harvard University Division of Continuing Education, Tom advises global cities, institutions and corporations on the development of strong brand strategies that include sustainability.

Previously, as a principle consultant to major corporations in strategy selection and investment decisions, Tom designed and implemented planning models that allow companies to prioritize strategic investments and decisions to gain maximum business results.

Since its development in 1993, a dozen major corporations and universities have adopted the “Decision Model” as their standard process for making investment and strategic decisions. This model has helped organizations reduce spending by millions of dollars while prioritizing and improving the success of thousands of major programs. The model has been customized and applied for making decisions in product development, research, supply chain, marketing, information technology and sales investment programs.

Will O'Brien

Lecturer/Consultant, Sustainability Management and Planning

Will is an accomplished business executive with extensive global experience, change agent, entrepreneur, consultant, attorney and instructor in social responsibility and sustainability management. With 50 years experience in business start-ups, management, professional services, marketing and consulting, he has a track record of consistent achievement of business goals.

Will is committed to developing current and future leaders to create shared value, reduce operating costs and environmental impact. In addition to his own consulting experience, as a lecturer to Clark University and Harvard University Division of Continuing Education, Will has coached and managed students for over 300 successful client projects. Focus of the projects has been on two key areas; i.e., Social Responsibility and Sustainability Consulting for corporate, non-profit as well as government clients worldwide.

Ken T. Linde

Senior DevOps Engineer

Ken has over 20 years of industry experience and knowledge. Always approaching opportunities from a business perspective, Ken’s focus is to drive productivity, increase efficiency and bottom line results through the effective use of technology.

Working as a lead director in the fast paced technology and DevOps environment, he has architected cloud based solutions, managing implementations and operations, provided web and database development, as well as hands on customer support.

He works closely with all stakeholders to enable positive change. He has had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, launching eCommerce sites, news sites, software apps, digital books and movies. The results of these engagements have been used, read and reviewed by millions all over the world.