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Consulting Practice Areas


We offer a customized software decision support tool to analyze, score and map portfolios of projects against common set of weighted criteria

Sustainability Branding

We help companies to build brand value around their sustainable products, services and initiatives.

Cloud Computing

We'll work with you to define a strategy and roadmap to help you maximize the opportunities of the cloud. During this process we identify key applications to migrate and plan your migration.

Sustainability Planning

Based on your requirements, we will develop a customized, actionable plan focused on how to make improvements in: energy efficiency, water conservation, waste minimization, purchasing/supply chain and fostering sustainable behavior.

Our Nautilus Model


Customized weighted questions and answer choices are built to score each project according to their potential benefit / value and their likelihood of success {measure of risk}. Global subject experts and project managers can be selected by the client and assigned to score a particular project. Without the need for any training, each scorer answers all questions for their assigned project.


Global cross functional management teams can see the entire map and ranked list of projects within an entire portfolio. they can also sub-divide and analyze smaller portfolios for particular regions, product categories or SBU. Immediate investment choices can be made as well as decisions to drop, improve or postpone projects based on scoring results.


All scored projects are visually mapped on a grid according to their potential value {Y-Axis} and success {X axis} This allows clients to rank projects according to top investment potential {high value/low risk} and projects needing further review and improvement


Ongoing projects can be continuously monitored through repeat scoring by project teams at key stages of the project life cycle. This helps identify emerging areas of implementation issues or risks as well as delivered benefits. Comments can be applied by scorers to address and explain certain scoring results.


The Model allows review teams to drill down on any project to highlight the highest and lowest scores by risk and benefit factor. this enables teams to create project improvement plans to mitigate critical risks and improve key areas of project returns.


All of our clients have licensed and used the model over multiple years and across global divisions. this has enabled them to balance the flow of new and existing projects to stay within corporate objectives and limits for investment budgets and benefit categories.

Direct Client Benefits

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Portfolio Performance Improvement

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Nautilus Decisions helps companies and organizations improve the impact and return on their Environmental Footprint.