decision making

A customized software decision support tool to analyze, score and map portfolios of projects against a common set of weighted criteria. The scoring criteria, customized by client goals and success factors, are designed to apply across the entire portfolio. The result is an analytical map that identifies optimal first tier project investments and highlights risk factors to reduce for any project. The model can be customized and applied globally within 2 weeks without the need for training of client teams. Results can be viewed globally by decision teams to analyze and improve project performance. The model is licensed annually and includes customization and support.

Nautilus Decisions is currently adopting and customizing its software Decision Model to support the selection and improvement of Sustainability projects and strategies for global companies and organizations. This expansion of the software model provides a supporting tool for the consulting practice areas that nautilus consultants are working on with global clients. The model already has been applied successfully to improve investment decisions for IT, Marketing and Corporate Planning. As corporations and organizations expand their portfolios of sustainability products and programs, they will benefit from a customized approach to improve the return of their sustainability efforts.